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We raised $96,739 for Chabad at Emory!

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Add Your Name to the Caring Wall

We have created a display for the Shabbat 500 & Passover events, it is called "The Caring Wall."  Every person who donates will be listed (anonymous is okay too). 

Students will see how many wonderful people care about them and their Jewish life and learning at Emory and Oxford.



Donation Amount

$25,000 - Spring Ahead Partner
$18,000 - Seder Partner
$10,000 - Shabbat 500 Partner
$5,400 - Matza Partner 
$3,600 - Haggadah Sponsor
$1,800 - L'Chaim Sponser
$1,000 - Brisket Giver
$540 - Prayer Giver
$360 -  Dayenu Giver
$180 - Matza Ball Giver


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Cashapp: https://cash.app/$EmoryChabad

Venmo: https://bit.ly/EmoryChabad

Zelle & PayPal: [email protected]


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